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Takens Admiraal Advocaten specializes in providing assistance in criminal cases in which a violation of the Opium Act is central.


Although soft drugs - such as cannabis - can simply be sold in coffee shops, owning, preparing, processing and growing it is punishable. The Dutch policy of toleration implies that no criminal prosecution is used if only a small amount of cannabis is found (less than 30 grams or 5 plants). However, if larger quantities are present, the Public Prosecution Service will initiate prosecution. Recently we successfully assisted two clients suspected of large-scale hemp cultivation:

Judgment Court of Amsterdam


Owning, preparing, processing, producing, transporting, importing and / or exporting hard drugs is punishable under Article 2 of the Opium Act. Owning a limited amount of hard drugs - although this is also punishable - is not prosecuted (less than 0.5 grams or 1 pill). We provide assistance in all kinds of drug cases. Having large amounts of cocaine present, importing and / or exporting large amounts of drugs, producing synthetic drugs (such as XTC and / or Speed) and, for example, importing raw materials with which drugs can ultimately be produced (such as Apaan).

We currently provide assistance in, among other things, this Amsterdam criminal investigation: